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Saturday, 19 June 2010 07:42
Last Updated on Friday, 14 June 2013 10:51
Written by Yanina Barry

The Talent

Award winning Director David Wynn-Jones is an extraordinary film maker. Having worked through all the technical grades, culminating in Lighting Cameraman, David has been directing for nearly 10 years.

The Team

David has established a world class team of experts to support his specialist work. This includes special effects model makers and rig designers, motion control experts, time-lapse skills and new technologies. Utilising this expertise, David is able to assist the client at every stage of the project, from initial creative concept, quoting, testing and pre-visualisation
through to the actual shooting and post production.

The Tools

David and his team have invested heavily in new technology and specialist equipment. As well as fully equipped orkshops, high end motion control model-movers and a wide range of fully equipped model-making facilities, David is a world leader in the art of high speed digital technology. Achieving film quality at digital prices is both an art and a science – and David is a master of both. Whilst the digital technology is infinitely flexible, shooting speeds up to 3000 frames per second produce fantastic results.